Latex Colours

We manufacture your outfit using a wide range of material thicknesses and colours. All orders are individually produced, giving you the pleasure and pain of colour choices.


Normal Black (0,18; 0,25; 0,35; 0,60; 0,90; 1,20; 1,50)Normal Batleship Grey (0,35; 0,60)Normal Grey (0,35mm)Normal Chcolate Brown (0,35; 0,60; 0,90)Normal Light Brown (0,35)Normal Olive Green (0,35; 0,60; 0,90)Normal Forest Green (0,35)Normal Jade Green (0,35)Normal Petrol Blue (0,35)Normal Natural Green (0,35)Normal Navy Blue (0,35; 0,60; 0,90)Normal Royal Blue (0,25; 0,35; 0,60; 0,90)Normal Pale Blue (0,35)Normal Light Blue (0,35; 0,60)Normal Purple (0,35)Normal Ruby (0,35mm)Normal Dark Cherry Red (0,35)Normal Violet (0,35)Normal Plum (0,35; 0,60)Normal Fuchsia (0,35)Normal Scarlet Red (0,35)Normal Orange (0,35; 0,60)Normal Red (0,18; 0,25; 0,35; 0,60; 0,90; 1,20)Normal Hospital Red (0,35; 0,60; 0,90)Normal Skintone (0,35)Normal Baby Pink (0,35)Normal Party Pink (0,35mm)Normal Yellow (0,35; 0,60; 0,90)Normal White (0,35; 0,60; 0,90)Normal Oyster (0,35)


Transparent Yellow (0,35mm)Transparent Aqua (0,35mm)Transparent Grey Green (0,35)Transparent Smoky Grey (0,35; 0,60)Transparent Cloud Grey (0,35)Transparent Brown (0,35)Transparent Green (0,35)Transparent Blue (0,35)Transparent Mauve (0,35)Transparent Lilac (0,35)Transparent Red (0,35)Transparent Pink (0,35)Transparent Orange (0,35)Transparent Amber (0,35)Transparent Skintone (0,35)Transparent Natural (0,18; 0,25; 0,35; 0,60; 0,90)


Vibrant Turquoise (0,35)Vibrant Green (0,35)Vibrant Red (0,35)Vibrant Magenta (0,35)Vibrant Pink (0,35)Vibrant Orange (0,35)Vibrant Yellow (0,35)Vibrant Lime Green (0,35)Vibrant Lemon Yellow (0,35)


Pearlsheen Black (0,35; 0,70)Pearlsheen Pewter (0,35; 0,45; 0,70)Pearlsheen Silver (0,35; 0,45; 0,70)Pearlsheen Peacock Blue (0,35; 0,70)Pearlsheen Green (0,35; 0,45)Pearlsheen Leaf Green (0,35)Pearlsheen Shamrock Green (0,35; 0,45)Metallic Azure Blue (0,35)Pearlsheen Blue (0,35; 0,45)Pearlsheen Pale Blue (0,35)Pearlsheen Purple (0,35; 0,45)Pearlsheen Amethyst (0,35)Pearlsheen Lilac (0,35)Pearlsheen Fuchsia (0,35)Pearlsheen Blood Red (0,35; 0,70)Pearlsheen Rose (0,35)Pearlsheen Bronze (0,35; 0,45)Pearlsheen Antique Gold (0,35; 0,45)Pearlsheen Gold (0,35)